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About Us

BROOKFIELD99 is a consulting and wealth management company, specializing in private equity investment in companies.

BROOKFIELD99 covers a broad spectrum of interventions: venture capital, growth capital, leveraged capital-transmission (LBO), the financing of spin-offs (industrial or laboratory), the financing of consolidation operations (LBU) and funding turnaround situations.

With a strong entrepreneurial and industrial culture, BROOKFIELD99 invests in companies with high technological content, growing and able to play a role in structuring their business segment.

Our brookfield99 brand is under no circumstances to bind in any way to Brookfield investment company, we are not an investment fund, we are a general management company based in germany.

  • Our philosophy:

BROOKFIELD99 set up for each client mandated a comprehensive and personalized assistance advice and estate planning. Heritage issues such as legal and tax optimization heritage, its sustainability and its transmission are addressed early in the relationship.

Structure with human size, BROOKFIELD99 favors human contact and guarantees its customers stability and total availability of interlocutors.

It defines with him the management of its financial assets resulting from asset analysis previously performed, his aversion to risk and investment horizon. Decisions Investment Committee are tailored to the individual characteristics of each customer.

  • Values:

ACOFI has always strived to develop its offer according to the environment and the changing expectations of its customers. Today ACOFI favors solutions which liquidity and volatility not only depend on the financial markets.


The corporate culture asserted by ACOFI marked by a taste for entrepreneurship, is in its original vision of the business manager for third parties, "Investing is to invest." It is also linked to the associated commitment to the stability of the management teams and the ability to attract new talent.


It is guided always by the rigor of the research work, the precision of the execution process and transparency of client reporting.


Our customers appreciate unanimously availability and welcome we them. We ensure that our expertise is understandable and legible our speech. Our research is one of the last written in French.

Access to the expertise of all the other Group businesses (Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Research Interest ...) is a plus for a private client.


Committed to our customers in the long term, our teams come every challenge to provide quality service.
Our mission is to bring our standards of excellence to our customers, institutions, businesses and individuals.

A group which embodied the human dimension is particularly felt in relation to competitors.

Independence of mind

Independence is the first quality cited by our customers. This independence strengthens the credibility of our research and originality of our solutions. Open minded, we are always ready to meet the unique needs of each client.

BROOKFIELD99 proposes original solutions where others have applied made solutions.


Develop lasting relationships with our customers and finding practical solutions to meet their performance targets, it is our reason for being. We support our clients' projects and participate and their development over time.

Dynamic management for efficient Heritage

Your portfolio primarily invested in individual securities alongside the Sextant funds, benefits from the expertise and beliefs of our management. Our approach is based on a selection of values. We only invest in companies which we understand as perfectly as possible the development model and offer valuation prospects over time.

Personalized management

BROOKFIELD99 shall, before any collaboration, your investor profile. Your manager may customize your portfolio according to your needs, your risk aversion and securities holdings already in the portfolio. For example, you can favor small French values ​​to enjoy their drive, or property companies to take advantage of their performance, or exclude a company or a particular industry.

Transparency of the informations 

We mainly use paper securities so that you know what your values. We will share with you information about the job, promotion, strengths and risks of the portfolio companies. If you have any questions, you have access to the manager or analyst that follows the value. Of course, you also have a dedicated contact for monitoring the totality of your portfolios.

Acces to a wide range of investments

While giving discipline to stay within our scope of expertise, your portfolio may, depending on the needs and opportunities, to be invested on a wide variety of media: high yield bonds, listed property, certificates representing precious metals , holding companies or third party funds to gain exposure to certain régionsdumonde ...

An optimized management of your tax

Your portfolio will be managed in the most appropriate or contracts to your personal and family tax situation: securities account, life insurance, endowment contract or dedicated funds. Whatever the solution, your assets are held by financial institutions such as CM-CIC Securities, Neuflize Vie, RBC Investor Services.

Value-added services

You can track your accounts from our website www.clippertongroup.com. You will also receive a monthly statement of position and full quarterly management report. You also get the events we organize with the company management and our partners.